Meet Author, Comedian, Physician's  Assistant, Failed TEDx Speaker, and Ex-Stuntwoman

Kaatje Gotcha


Kaatje Gotcha tells all in this magical, authentic memoir and Practical Advice book.


As one of 40 million Americans suffering from neuropathic (nerve) pain, she argues convincingly for treatment with ketamine, as well as opioid medications.

the book


"The Queen of Ketamine" is a funny yet pragmatic take on her mountaineering childhood, skydiving accident, pain management, science, philosophy, Parisian dinners with Prince, and ultimately, conquering isolation.

This book is fun and will keep your attention. Most importantly, it educates on the critical, new public health issue of spinal cord injuries, inflammation, and adhesive arachnoiditis. A must-read for all concerned with chronic pain and spinal cord diseases.

Dr. Forrest Tennant, M.D.,

 Dr.PH, author of Adhesive Arachnoiditis and Handbook for Living Well with Adhesive Arachnoiditis

The Queen of Ketamine will enlighten readers with an extraordinarily unique life but also an extraordinary story of endurance. Neuropathic pain is described better than any textbook or lecture because it is personalized, passionate and evidence based.

 Raphaela Francis, PA-C

An UNBELIEVABLE story that is somehow made relatable on so many levels. Kaatje provides so much valuable information for those suffering from chronic pain, but also for those of us who are oblivious to it. Her insight and charm make tough subjects palatable, but never shies away from the rawness of suffering and depression

 Meredith ‘Merf’ Hardy

International Athlete, BS in Exercise Science and a

Personal Trainer

Kaatje is the archetypal storybook heroine, not only is she still beautiful, she is one of the finest, smartest and most courageous people you’ll ever meet.

Jeremy Jones, Ph.D.



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